Rent to Own


Rent to Own

This program gives our residents an opportunity to afford their dream home.

What we’ve realized with our OPAR residents is they are so satisfied with our beautiful neighborhoods, great school districts, and comfortable homes that they do not want to leave them.

We take pride in knowing our rental homes are not just transitional housing but can often become your realistic dream home. And for our residents who are ready to become homeowners, we have a program for you.

The way the program works is simple; if you are interested in renting to own, a contractual agreement is signed with your Property Manager. A portion of the rent is then set aside every month toward the eventual purchase of the home.

With the flexibility of Rent-to-Own, you can test the waters of a rental home before making it your own. Please contact your Property Manager for more information and how to get this process started.

**Rules and restrictions apply